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Expecting Puppies

We are expecting AKC miniature schnauzers puppies sometime around December 11th and December 13. Miniature schnauzers are considered hypoallergenic because they have hair rather than fur. They are great family dogs because they are very intelligent and eager to please. 

Mom is an 8 year old salt and pepper who weighs 15 pounds. She is very intelligent, has had perfect health and loves people. She has great markings and soft fur. This will be her second and last litter.

Dad is a 3 year old black who weighs 11 pounds. He is very calm & absolutely incredible with children. He has an amazingly soft and thick coat. Both dogs are very eager to please and food driven making them both easy dogs to train. They have both also been great around cats. 

Here is mom:

Here she is as a puppy:

Here is dad:

And dad as a pup:

Keep Checking back for pictures of the litter when they are born!