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day 19, tails wagging

So yesterday and today we have noticed the puppies start to wag their tails when they get excited. It's pretty cute. They also are starting to interact with each other more and will be wrestling around in no time. It's amazing how quickly they develop! Their personalities become more and more apparent, we'll update on that next time.


day 17, they can sit!

This morning is the first time we have seen a few of the puppies sitting! The best sitters are the boys thus far as you'll notice in the pictures. The pups also learned how to howl rather than whimper when they get sad (notice pink's picture). Orange and red only wanted to sleep through their picture session. Enjoy!



day 15, fun pups

The puppies are growing so fast! They are starting to attempt to walk on four feet rather than scoot around. They now all have their eyes open (yellow's finally opened today). They are getting more difficult to take pictures of because they turn away from the light, making it difficult to use the natural light. Today I thought I'd tell a little bit about their personalities under each picture.

Cuddle bug of the litter, very affectionate and loves to give kisses. 
Extremely calm and spends the most time napping.

The best eater, will be very food driven, loves human contact. 
Is her momma's favorite, always cuddling by her face.

Very curious and investigative. Really likes to be scratched behind her ear.
She falls asleep on her back all the time.

The first to walk on all fours & last to open his eyes. He reminds
 us of a little cuddly teddy bear. Falls asleep for his pictures.

The most vocal of the bunch, has cute markings on her paws and face. 

The smallest of the girls, she loves to be held in any position.
She has very expressive eyes and always seems to be smiling.

Smallest of the litter, but still holds his own. He is the most quiet. 
He lets us hold him in any position.


day 13, eyes right in time for christmas

Finally we get to see the puppies eyes! All except green and yellow have opened their eyes. They look more and more like schnauzers every day. Hope everyone is having a very happy Christmas, it's a great time of year to cuddle with little puppies. If anyone would like more pictures of any particular pup let us know.


Day 11, Still no eyes!

We still haven't seen their eyes yet, but they hit one pound. Well all but green & yellow, they are defiantly the smallest of the bunch (13 ounces still). I'm sure that by next time we will have some eyes showing (right in time for christmas morning?). In the mean time here are some very cute face shots. Hope everyone has a happy Christmas!


Day 9, eyes will be open any day

The pups eyes should be opening at any moment, I'm sure by the next batch of pictures, you'll get to see them. When puppies eyes first open all they see are blurry shapes. A few days after the eyes open the ears will also begin to open. After that the puppies develop REALLY fast, so we are enjoying the time while they are still little, calm and cuddly. 


day 7, fat bellies!

We woke up to some really full bellies! For being so young they are extremely comfy on their backs. We have deposits on three puppies, only one more girl left! Also don't forget to vote for your favorite puppy in the column on the right at the bottom.


Day 5, content puppies

This litter is so calm and content, they are fine being on their backs, getting their nails clipped and even posing for pictures. Speaking of which, here's today's pictures: