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day 42, a celebratory post

The last puppy is sold! Hooray! We are so excited that all of our puppies are going to such amazing homes. Today a couple of the owners were able to come over and play with the puppies which was a lot of fun. We don't have pictures of all of the owners (some are coming on monday and we will update them when we get them), but here are the ones we have as of now, as well as their names. Also we added another picture because they are so cute and it can't be helped.

Dexter and his cute new family (including a schnauzer pal!)

Abby & her new family 

 Maggie giving kisses to her new boy

 Doesn't have a name yet, but such a cute family!

Cam"Mila" (pronounced meelah) and her owner

Sophie and her fam!

 Ollie and his new family

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