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day 47, more tricks

The puppies are doing so well with their training. They come to their names, sit very consistently and shake. Tonight we started teaching them to lay down and they are already doing really well with it (as you'll see in the videos). They are also all doing incredible with their potty training. It is good to see a few of the puppies who are a little bit more timid start to come out of their shells. It is so fun to play with all of their unique personalities! Also notice everyone's cute new collars. They have adjusted nicely to wearing them and they all look adorable.

Also we had an idea to start a page where all our new owners can discuss problems, things that work best with the puppies as well as share funny stories. We also thought that we would continue this blog and upload any pictures that we receive of the puppies so that everyone can see how the whole litter grows up. Don't worry no one expects a picture every other day, just when you feel like it. The link for that is on the right of the blog!

This guy is still the biggest of the litter! He has an adorable little face and fun personality to go with it. He loves to romp and play and comes really well to his name. He is one of the ring leaders, luckily he listens really well. He loves to fall asleep on feet.

This little goof ball loves to play, she is constantly pouncing on and growling at us and her litter mates. She is EXTREMELY food driven and will do anything for a treat which has made her really easy to train.

Maggie is the kisser of the group. She loves to lick faces and show her love. She also is a talker, she lets her litter mates know when she is mad at them and has even told the big dogs in the house off a time or two. She really likes pouncing on tennis balls. She comes really well when called (especially if you use a high pitched voice).

Ironically the dog that looks the most like the stud of the litter acts the most like him too. This guy is just an easy going fun loving pup who really likes to please. He has also been one of the easiest puppies to potty train, somehow he just gets it! He loves playing with rope toys and his daddy, he follows him everywhere!

This little girl has such a cute face! She has really come out of her shell in the last few weeks and decided she likes to explore the world. She loves to growl and is always the first one to fall asleep out of the litter and usually falls asleep on a stuffed animal.

Sophie is a little princess, she absolutely loves being cuddled and loved. She is also really food driven and gets really excited as soon as she smells treats. She really enjoys chasing her dad around the house and trying to steal his toys.

Ollie will do anything for a carrot, it is by far his favorite treat and the second he smells them he is ready to do his tricks! He has started to really like playing with the big dogs in the house  and loves anything that squeaks. He also loves to paw at things.


  1. Help with her ears? Thank you in advance!

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